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Originally Posted by Fully_Bolted View Post
If your concerned, don't use it. But plenty of us are using it with no documented issues. For the record, my car is addicted to E85 an meth.
But I'm not concerned. However, I feel like I want to further substantiate my stance with evidence. We all know of the 100,000 mile E85 non-flex fuel SUV that was driven around about 10 years ago that experienced no problems at all. Beyond that, I do not know many real world examples.

I only know of two or three disadvantages, and they are all something that can be mitigated with regular maintenance or good part choices.

1: Stresses out the fuel pump, wears it down faster, solved with a third fuel pump or a beefed up LPFP.

2: Cold start problems, use less during winter.

3: Corrosion issues due to condensation, which I hear can be solved by not letting the car sit around chronically.

But, I keep hearing fanciful news reports about how E85 will blow up your engine and destroy your fuel lines and gaskets, which baffles me.