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Originally Posted by SteveC View Post
You gambled. You lost

Your failure was in not calculating the odds....e.g save 1.00, fine 60.00 odds of 60:1....certainly not worth the risk

Driving in the UK and parts of Europe, there're the hunters and their prey. The hunters uses all sorts of snares, traps, baits and hides to catch their prey, the unwary motorist. As prey, your job is to spot the traps and avoid them. Put a toe in the wrong place and 'zap', they've got you.

Gatso cameras
'Plain clothes' police cars
Parking meters
Parking pay machines
Traffic light cameras
Parking discs
Yellow lines
Parking lines
Fixed radar
Mobile radar
Elapsed time cameras
Mobile cameras

UK has a 'big government, big stick' mentality endorsed by voters so the only sensible strategy is to put your energy and money into avoiding the traps they've laid.
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