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Originally Posted by edlugo07 View Post
Clean them rims with that tire shiner and will bring that gloss out lol yeah I plastic dip my factory ones and a friend told me about it to make to gloss black
lol yea i kinda wish i knew about the glossifier for plastidip or even the fact that you can even make custom colors but the good thing about it comes off and can be re done in a matter of a couple of hrs

Originally Posted by Liang View Post
What % is the tint on taillights?
I believe it is a specific tail light film from 3m..or at least thats what the guy who tinted them said

Originally Posted by iczz View Post
cannot believe its plasti dipped 189!!
It looks great!!
thanks! plastidipped everything for me, wheels..trim..grills, because when i no longer want iti can take it off. And the finish is very smooth and durable

Originally Posted by Alen E90 View Post
your E92 looks great, and i really like the drop
thank you, it looks and rides pretty nice..and no scraping where i live(which is the best part)

Originally Posted by StevenY. View Post
Nice car! I especially like the CSL trunk, looks like a CSL trunk spoiler. Am I right?
it is a CSL indeed, i got it painted on ebay for like $130 from someone in florida(decent deal) unfortunately the finish was kinda poor and the people who installed it did a horrible job so it will be going in the paint shop soon to get it re-painted and re-fitted along with the lip and hopefully a carbon fiber hood

Originally Posted by onesuperboi View Post
Looks ghetto.

Originally Posted by mymonkey562 View Post
IMO it would look better if you painted your reflectors....not tint them.
im not really a fan of painting parts but i might plastidip them gloss black i heard they look pretty good. Or put another layer of tint to they're completely black..i was actually thinking about doing that with the side markers and tail lights too, but thank you for your opinion

Originally Posted by Amini77 View Post
Looks awesome! great pics
Thank you, first time taking pics with anything other then my samsung galaxy s3

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