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Originally Posted by two,_OH_five View Post
What about the owners of the now cosmetically damaged kerbstone?

What if you dislodge it causing a trip hazard? Now that little old lady walking along trips over it, stumbles into the road causing a minibus full of young children to swerve and plough through a group of nuns on their way to church before smashing into the cute fluffy kitten shop and bursting into flames. Now you've killed untold people and cute fluffy kittens just because you were driving drunk. And you must have been forking lashed at that if you couldn't even drive in a straight line next to an inanimate object ffs

You sir are a menace on the road and shouldn't be allowed near a car. In fact from your complete lack of driving skills and flagrant disregard for other road users I suspect you might actually be a woman. Get back in the kitchen!

Or maybe it was a little lapse in judgement and fate/karma/insert deity of choice here has decided it's your turn for a kick in the conkers. Maybe you're not a murderous fluffy kitten killer but just got unlucky on the day

For sure it has to be annoying as all hell but at least the damage is slight and the other party has admitted the blame. No real harm done

*No children, nuns, little old ladies or kittens were harmed in the dramatisation of this tale

You really need to stop taking drugs.