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Originally Posted by two,_OH_five View Post
Do absolutely as much as possible to secure yourself to the car. I've been out with professional drivers (talk to Melindi @ Gold track) and the CG lock would be an absolute minimum requirement for me ( my track cars are equipped with genooine harnesses). He who is detached from the car is detached from driving.
Wedging yourself with your knees is, without wishing to sound like an absolute arse, laughable advice from someone with no idea. With standard belts you can achieve a reasonable result by yanking on the belt fast enough to engage the safety lock. After a couple of attempts you'll be able to do this such that when you actually connect belt to buckle it will be very tight
From what you, doughboy and others have said i think i'll get the CG lock. Hopefully it should be ok for my first time.

Originally Posted by two,_OH_five View Post
Wet and cold can be the absolute best. Driving fast in such conditions requires talent (that, as demonstrated by said clio driver I posess in modicum only)
Originally Posted by doughboy View Post
Agree completely, but not in your pride and joy daily driver, on your first track visit. And given the choice on the day, who wouldn't want dry, warm and sunny
Both views are right. On one hand i want to learn and improve and on the other its my pride and joy. But i think as long as i do my own thing as greg330 says, and not be concerned with pace i think i should be ok.

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Bedford, AFAIK, is a concrete aerodrome. If you do press on tyre wear will be harsh compared to "proper" tarmac circuits
Still unsure what day to go to. I think just to be on the safe side i might go to the Snetterton novice day that hotcoupe posted. Open pit would probably be fine if i follow the instructions but just in case for my first time im thinking to do this one. Plus it might be rainy! I do enjoy driving in the rain. Is Snetterton a proper tarmac track?

Originally Posted by two,_OH_five View Post
Re insurance.
Your standard policy will specifically exclude track days unless its from someone like REIS (who understand what a track day is) and specifically names track days. People have got away with pushing smoking ruins down the (always torturously long) access roads to public highways but it's a risky bet at best
Typical policies will run you about 10 per k of insured value. If you do buy read the small print very very very very very very carefully. Then read it again. Many will specifically exclude bodywork damage
Do you, or anyone else, have any insurance companies that you'd recommend for one day cover (for that novice track day). Cheaper the better
Originally Posted by two,_OH_five View Post
Above all, enjoy the event
If you do book through a reputable establishment (I do recommend Gold track, not because they pay me but because they run a good track day and I know/respect a good few drivers there) then I personally suggest taking lessons from the resident Stig. (Usually Calum Lockie of LeMans fame if booked through Goldtrack). It will cost a few scheckles but I guarantee it will open your eyes
Thank you. I have looked at the gold track website but they only do open pit days, and are a bit pricier than club msv. Maybe when i've got more experience i might try on of their open pit track days.

Thanks to everyone whos commented