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Originally Posted by E90Company View Post
N54Tech has a guide on exactly how to do it so check that out. Basically connect the USB cable to your laptop, download the JB4 interface software from that website, check which COM port your USB cable is running on through Device Manager on your PC and enter that into the JB4 program. After that turn on your car's ignition (Key in slot, start button pressed without pressing the brake to start it) and press connect in the JB4 program. Then just hit start log when you are ready, and floor the car in third gear from 2k to redline. Ideally a full third to forth gear log is best but a full third gear will be good enough. If you need any help setting it up or reading them you can PM me
i already have everything setup on my laptop i just wasnt sure where to start the logging but i will find a good road to do that and will do so this week, thanks alot for the help guys and as soon as i get some logs ill PM you maybe you can tell me what im looking at lol