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New owner 330d

Hi people, new to the forum.

Basically yesterday I bought a 330d saloon M-Sport auto, 78K thought AUC at derby.
I love the car its got alot of toys, i drive, sports leather, auto lights etc. How ever since getting the car the on board display displaying 30mpg since i reset it 100+ miles ago. My problem is I am struggling to keep the mpg at 30 with a steady right foot!

I have been in the hidden menu on 07.00 and have watched the coolant temp it sits around 77c while driving with heaters on low. I have seen it 80c briefly but no higher unless stationary at idle. I personally think it has a thermostat faulty! Can anyone advise what the temp should be? I have read through this forum it should be 90c

Now im not expecting a massive increase but i expected the 330d to be able to achieve 35-40mpg? am i being reasonable? will BMW look into the fault are they aware they can cause problems?

Thanks Daniel