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I have asked the other second BMW dealer to fix my vehicle. If the vehicle comes back in good shape, I am going to try to contact the dealership GM and reason out with him. If he/she does not cooperate then BMWNA again. The point to note though is that when the issue happened first, BMWNA experts ran diagnostics on the vehicle for 2 whole months and they could not do anything to fix my vehicle.
Now, this dealership stated that they have the BMW mechanic who was recognized by BMWNA as the best in the country and was awarded by BMWNA.
In order to avoid the legal issues, I intentionally took my car to a second BMW dealer rather than a private mechanic.
I want the following to happen
1) BMW please learn my experience and others' experience similar to mine and hold the dealership to a much higher standard.
2) As an engineer, I would like the systems to be more robust - meaning before the engine dies the sensors must kick in and kill the switch to avoid over heating.

I was appalled when the BMWNA customer rep told me that I must not rely on sensors but I have to read the manual. .

I have found the customer service department not very helpful. I just can't find a way to get BMW's attention. I am not sure if I must go to the media or like everyone has suggested I take legal action.
Will have to think it out.
I will keep updating this thread on what I decide.
Thanks for everyone's input and support.
Right now waiting for my X3 to get serviced and taking it back on the road first. I am more excited than when I got the vehicle first. Call me crazy...