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UPDATE! Finally threw a code-Elec/ABS failure

Some of you may recall my previous post (and video) of my electrical failure warnings ard related speedo/tach needles going off/on repeatedly.

Subsequently I noted an ABS failure pop up on the I-Drive screen as well. However, these warnings always went away and never threw a SES notification or any codes.

Last night I saw the SES light pop up when the car was giving me the elec failure warnings. Checked the code this morning and it is U112b. Did some google searching and DSC failure may be culprit.

Also, i notice that when the card is left outside in cold the elec failure warnings are much more frequent vs when the car is warmer in the garage. Not sure if thats important.

Before i go down the path of trying to fix this either myself or thru mechanic does anyone have any input? I know the DSC modules are very pricey.

Thanks guys and happy new year
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