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Originally Posted by meyergru View Post
Since you are located in Germany: Did you get TÜV approval for the Procede? I posed a question about german regulations to Vishnu Tuning after having read most of the threads here about the piggybacks like JB, TurboTuner, Xede and Procede, but they have no experience with that.

Many of the german tuners claiming support for the 335i may in fact be a bit early with their announcements. Most of them usually do this by reflashing the ECU and according to someone I believe, this cannot be done reliably as of yet (apart from Alpina who have internal BMW information available).

I would prefer that way because tricking out the ECU could do harm in many ways. For example: normally, if tuners are able to modify the maps, they can also lift the speed limit, but nobody can do that for the 335i, either. Any experiments with that came up with entering limp mode, because the ECU knew that the speed delivered was not the one that should be measurable according to RPM and selected gear. Maybe this is not so apparent when you never (or almost never) go faster than 55 mph, on german autobahns, it is. Having read about detonation and limp modes from people taking tuned 335is to the race track makes me think twice about risking a brand-new $85k car (yes, it's more expensive here in Germany)!

I also doubt that one would get an approval by TÜV with the piggybacks because of emission regulations and richer AFR (leaner would not be good for other reasons).

However, what I don't understand is, that in some states (most notably CA), you have even higher standards for emission regulations than over here. Is chiptuning legal in the U.S. or do you guys just ignore legislation?

Here in Germany, you loose the permit to use a modifed car if it is not approved by the TÜV and thus you have no insurance any more, besides warranty issues.

I hope you either passed TÜV or only use the Procede off-road, since you deliberately showed your german license plate in other posts...

Yes I know how much a 335 costs for germans, I've lived here for a long time. As far as getting approved by TUV, american soldiers don't exactly register our vehicles thru the german system, so we never have to go thru any TUV inspections. We do have yearly inspections, but they are more for common safety deficiencies. Lastly in response to the license plate statement, do you really think all of deutschland is going to come after me because I "chipped" my car when there are thousands of other chipped audi's, vw's, bmw's, etc?

You should read more about the performance products like the Procede, Xede, turbo tuner. There are several members on this post with these in their cars and I have yet to see a thread titled "Oh F*#k!!! I just blew my car up!!!"

If it wasnt safe, I wouldnt have put it in my car. Simple. An ECU flashing is not an option unless you want to trade your warranty for it.
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