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help replacing cupped rear tires

Hi. So first, some background info for you guys: my 328xi is lowered on Eibachs with stock struts. I have been running staggered 19s for about 15k miles, only taking them off in the winter to run my stock 16s. Over this last summer, I noticed that my rear tires were cupping on the inside, so I had an alignment done at Firestone. They told me the toe was off in the back which could have lead to the cupping. I don't recall how much it was off, but can find the printout if you wanna know. Anyway, I'm running my 16s again for the winter and am looking to replace the cupped tires before spring. So, a few questions here:

Do you think that cupping is normal on the rears only? Anything else I should be concerned about after the alignment? My 16s seem OK, but I'm able to rotate them each time they come off, and they have quite a bit fewer miles than the 19s.

My last setup was hankook v12s in 235/35/19 front and 265/30/19 rear. The fronts probably have 60-70% tread left. Can I just replace the rears without messing anything up? If I jumped up to 275/30 in the rear, would I rub with the eibachs?

I guess I just want to know what you'd do in my situation. Replace all 4? Just do the rears? Try to go for the 275/30s this time to get closer to the fronts size?

Thanks for your advice.
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