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Originally Posted by PR3CI5N View Post
People can say it doesn't add any power but it does from 5500k to red line. The car feels like it can breathe better. Obviously the PE doesn't add 20-30 whp but the power difference is noticeable. I didn't buy my PE for the performance though, I bought it for the sound. I bought my DP's for performance. I bought my PE used for $800 off a member on here so as long as you find a good deal I think the PE is well worth it.
Just think about it this way. PE are just mufflers. all the way at the end of the exhaust. Its very hard to see how the engine itself can make more power with a different muffler. Axle-back exhaust tend to just change the note of the engine and allows for slightly better exhaust flow, but its to a small point where the engine itself cant see the benefits of it. all cars technically dont need back pressure. Only reason they are there is to make sure your car abides by the law. Your car can sound really good, but make the same amount of hp. On a good day, you'll see 1-2 HP to the wheels. so maybe 3-4hp to the crank.

But its a great exhaust, the exhaust note is great but dont expect much HP.