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Originally Posted by Zengineer View Post
Car was up on a lift today getting new front discs and pads, I looked at the control arms and saw no black fluid around the bushing.

However, we did notice that if the car is rolling forward slowly, and brakes are suddenly applied, the car rocks front to back for a second after the car stops. You can feel the car rocking if you're inside, and you can see the wheel and car rocking from the outside.

There is a small amount of play in the bushing.

Mechanics said all symptoms seemed to be pointing toward a worn control arm bushing.

Do you experts agree with this diagnosis based on the new symptoms?
I have the same exact problem you are describing. So far I replaced two rears tires, and a new rear L wheel because it was bent according to my mechanic but the problem persists.

At this point I am not spending any more money until I research this further. The shaking is so bad in my car you can literally hear it, see and feel the shaking in the passenger seat around 65 + MPH. It could massage you for christ sake its so bad.

Just replace both control arms/bushings I'd imagine?

What ever happened with this issue?