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Originally Posted by NoTempoLimitN54 View Post
??? Seriously? Then why not two LCD screens? Why not LCD screens in the doors? How about one on the steering wheel?

I want to drive a performance car not a freakin' rolling computer. Leave that to the Prius crowd (note that Prius doesn't even have instrument an panel behind the steering wheel - because the driver doesn't matter).

I have no iDrive no Nav. Personally I think the double-hump design of the E92 with iDrive looks "mutant" like an animal with two heads.

I LOVE the way my E92 interior looks at night with only glowing red/amber illumination (like an aircraft cockpit) and no damn LCD screen glowing blue/green from it's fluorescent backlight.

My iPhone with google maps probably has better navigation that '09 iDrive. As long as you have a sunroof, your iPhone GPS will get decent signal. There are also external GPS receiver that you can couple with an iPhone.

If I have a "navigator" with me, that person could use an iPad and tether to the connection on my iPhone (or theirs).

Built-in Nav is just a big profit center for the car manufacturers. I'd rather spend $2k on something that will make my car handle better or have more power.

you sound a bit angry that you didn't buy your car with i-drive

don't worry, there are always retrofit kits