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Originally Posted by Bomber View Post
I've just installed a OCZ Vertex 4 in my 2009 Macbook Pro and all I can say is OMG , its the fastest thing I have ever used, I just cloned the original HDD and away I went.

I will be installing SSD's in all the machines I use now.
I got an Agility 3 for my old netbook on a whim just before xmas (there is a curry's 10 mins walk from my house so i ordered it to collect from them but when i got there they didn't have it, so they got one put aside from PC world and gave me free mounting kit to pay for petrol) which i was about to bin and it's brought it back to life.

I'm going to get a vertex 4 for a new desktop (pc world again coming out cheapest?!) i have coming and one for the old one which i'll give my dad.

SSD for OS is the way forward for sure!