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Originally Posted by gjimmy View Post
I am happy to report that the retrofit is done and was a success!

With the help of everyone on here and Alex I now have fully functioning OEM bluetooth and voice command.

Running the mic wire from the MULF to the FZD only took about 2 hours with both of us working on it. Without the help and having to figure it all out on my own as I went probably would have taken me about 5 or 6 hours.

One strange thing has happened and that is that I was using the BT perfectly, stopped off to run an errand, cam back to my car after about 30 mins, and the car wouldn't pair with my phone, and nothing I could do would make it pair. Checking both the phone and the car, turning the phone off and on, turning off the ignition…etc.

So I let the car sleep for 20 or so minutes and reset then tried again and it was all fine again. I guess it may just do this from time to time and i probably shouldn't worry about it, but has anyone else had this?

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Congratulations! I bet you're randomly calling people while driving just because you can (admit it, I did the same thing )

I have an iPhone 5 with iOS 6 and I noticed the car wasn't pairing with my phone for a couple of days, but when my wife stepped in with her iPhone 4 (also iOS6), it would immediately hook up with her phone just fine. After deleting my phone from the car, and forgetting the car from the phone, I was able to pair again and have not had a problem since.