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Happy new year and really nice preview!

The F80 M3 will be powered by an outstanding inline-6 turbo engine. We've heard rumors that the targeted redline will be in the ballpark of 8,000 rpm so keep that in mind when reading doomsday scenarios being posted about the next M3. The sedan will be the only M3 model as there won't be an M3 Touring version. Coupe and Convertible versions will be called M4. To reiterate, neither the F80 M3 nor F82 M4 will be come to market before 2014.
... seems really nearly impossible!
Sorry, but I could see simply no way like an Inline-6 turbo could generate 8.000rpm redline at manageable costs and at an lightweight claim.
The forces acting on the crankshaft and the bearing shells in a long line of motor just so extremely high that you have to either make the parts very solid and heavy and exotic high-strength materials such as titanium would be used to ... both are within the desired BMW lightweight and budget impossible.

SO ... if the 8.000rpm rumor is right - as I believe, according to my information - than that could only meen that until now there are two different engines in development for the new M3/M4 ... an conventionel 3.0ltr.I6 Multiturbo and an revolutionäry V-BiTurbo-Engine concept ( 3.0ltr.V6 or 4.0ltr.V8 ) ... and the final decision, whether to bring this revolutionary new engine already in the M3/M4 or recourse at the fully developed I6, which comes with reduced power in all .35i, .40i and M.40i models, is not done until now.

That's the only possible reason for these conflicting rumors !!!

Greets Uli_HH

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