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Originally Posted by DR-JEKL View Post
OK with a bit more of an opportunity to drive the car over the past few days all I can say is wow! The car feels like it has an extra 40kw or so (just like when I plugged in the procede) and it literally has more power everywhere.

Whilst it was certainly an expensive mod (DP's FMIC &CP) I'm definitely glad I spent it!

The exhaust note is definitely louder, even the missus picked up on that and she has no idea about cars and has a much deeper note when giving it some.

A bit disconcerting was the flapping tractor like noise I could hear on cold starts. I asked Pete is that an exhaust leak and he said it was just the wastegates, once the car warms up it will disappear which it does.

I'm unsure if its normal, but the idle seems slightly rougher on cold starts also. This maybe something that can be tweaked with the procede...?
The tractor type noise on startup seems to have dissapeared and the rough idle has now also subdued and is back to normal. I imagine due to the catless DP's and larger intake & fmic the ecu had to adjust to suit?

The car now has the power that I wanted (I felt with just the procede it was still a tad to oh hum) and the best part is it has power in any gear pretty much. The trouble is now is putting that power to the ground.... I'm running 265 goodyear F1's and under moderate to hard acceleration the dtc keeps kicking in and sapping power. Take for instance yesterday cruising up to a roundabout then powering out in 3rd gear doing 60km/h the rear end had to deal with a few corrugations in the road and it really unsettled the car and dtc kicked in...

So will the wavetrac lsd and m3 subframe bushes pretty much eliminate my issues or should I go further and upgrade further suspension components when the rear subframe is dropped to to install the lsd diff centre?