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What do you love & hate about your beemer?

I'm just curious as to why your perceptions are of your bmr and what were the key attributes as to what allured you to purchasing your car.

My Ride: E92 335i

Love: 1.The timeless shape of the coupe 2. In space grey the car is kinda non de script and unassuming (I love neat tidy unassuming cars) 3. Solid engineering and build along with excellent paintwork. 99% of the bmr I viewed before buying mine still had excellent paintwork yet the interiors were well worn 4. Ease of power from a few small mods and the amount of info on this forum to help with key purchases has come in handy 5. The torque the N54 has, you don't have to rev it unlike a RB26 (albeit it doesn't have the nice hit at the top end of a tuned RB) The N54 isn't the best inline 6 for acoustics, but it still emits a great note

Hates: 1. The stigma attached to owning a bmw (spend $60k on a SS/XR8, yet spend the same amount on a bmw and you get a few haters jealous types) 2. The fabled BMW tax on parts and servicing 3. For a $120k car new I find some options absurd! Folding mirrors have been standard on $20k cars for 10 years, keyless start/entry etc is also a option 4. Some of the interior panels seem to wear prematurely (mainly found on other cars I viewed b4 buying mine, but the grab handle in my car is all worn) I expect better on a luxury car north of $100k 5. The satnav system is useless & frustrating to use via the idrive toggle

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