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Originally Posted by bigdaddycane
The JB3 and JB4 modules are completely different; the boards are not the same. Ive had both and the JB4 is more advanced and has better maps. Power is much smoother and all the settings are better controlled with the the JB4. The Map 5 auto tune is really good on the JB4.

Also, the JB3 is no longer supported with firmware from BMS.

I highly suggest you pay the upgrade fee to go to the JB4, either G4 or G5 boards (latest version), it's that noticeable.
I know the boards are different and ill def be looking into the upgrade when I have a little more cash flow. Christmas always hurts!
Is the JB4 more likely to throw codes...? I know it's more advanced and everything. The car is my daily driver and I don't track it. (Yet) I always run 93 octane. Was just planning on running JB3 map 3-4.

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