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Do not buy VRSF Down pipes

Hello everyone, I have been the the forums for awhile and tried to go the inexpensive/budget route when it came to downpipes. After hearing the reviews about the VRSF downpipes, I thought it would be a good choice to go ahead and order them, as I didn't see the point in spending 900+ on the AR's. First and foremost I ordered the downpipes about 1 1/2 month ago, received them friday after several calls and inquiries. Upon opening the box, i was very disappointed, but before I tell you guys the reason why, I just want reiterate that I had no intentions of the VRSF downpipes being anywhere close to quality as the AR's. What i was expecting was to get a pair of downpipes with good weld quality and design. Well what i got was something totally different, such as ; consistency from weld to weld- One downpipe has one a certain pattern or welds whole the other downpipe has another. Along with the pattern being slightly different, more importantly the quality of the weld diminished from one downpipe to the other. Many vendors mentioned this and I didn't listen , they said "you don't know what batch you will get, some good some bad". The next thing is one of the downpipes at the V-band sections has what it seems like overflowed piping or extra piping and then was hit down and welded on, its hard to explain but in the pics you will see this. In the same V-band down pipe the welds slide all over the place and are not consistent with each other. This really sucks because who wants to find a boost leak because of a minor hole int he down pipe, or going back and changing the down pipe after realizing the poor quality due to weld quality. I DIY everything on my cars and have been doing so for the past 10 years, it would suck to have to change these out twice as I heard the job was already a big PITA. The last thing is the 02 sensor flange and the threading on it, it really seems as if someone was in a rush to get these done and didn't tap the hole the right way as there was shards of metal everywhere and the bolt in the o2 location was very tough to spin out. I want everyone to be aware to that I am not making this thread in lou of bashing VRSF, maybe a few of the batches they made were good enough for others or maybe i got a bad batch but these downpipes are ones I certainly wouldn't put on my 335i, neither would I want any other fellow 335i'ers to have to go through this and realize the poor quality. I do understand that 400 dollars they are very reasonable which they are, but these are not what others were saying they were, i.e. forums, testimonials. I have attached pics so you can guys see whats going on and be well informed of the situation with these downpipes.