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Originally Posted by Stevese90 View Post
Hi chris I've got a 313 reps off a while back you I went to change the tires and they have damaged the centre cap I was wondering what size I would need a bought a set off eBay 68mm outer and 65mm inner diameter and they don't fit any help would be greatly appreciated or if you can supply me one cap that would be great. All the best
Hi mate,

PM me your address and I will try to dig out a spare cap

Originally Posted by gsr View Post
Hi Chris,
Spending Christmas afternoon fed up with telly and thinking of next mod.
Have BBS LM reps which are lovely but one of the deep dish rears is totally ruined by salt under the lacquer and a bit if kerbing so want another set.
Interested in the 19" Staggered RIVA DTM (CSL Style) Wheels - Hyper Silver and have a few questions-
1. In terms of offsets, how would these look on an 07 E92 335d?
2. Interested in 4 tyres (summer) too along the lines of mid range Falkens so please quote for these fitted
3. If I went upto 20", what would the difference in tyre be compared to a 19" one?
4. Is there much difference in rattles, comfort between 19" and 20"?

Any feedback on point 4 from others on the forum who have experience of both sizes would be appreciated!

Hi Gordon,

Sorry for the late reply, we are just back today after the Xmas break.

1) The offsets on the Riva DTM's are basically exactly the same as OEM 19' Wheels on the e92, so perfect fitment.

2) No problem at all mate, will send you a quote through with a few prices

3/4) 20' tyres are a fair bit more expensive than 19's. Ride quality will suffer a little, do you have the car lowered or on standard suspension? Personally I have driven an e92 with 20's and would much prefer the 19' setup, although it isn't as bad as I thought in terms of comfort.

Originally Posted by TikoV View Post
Hi Chris...Good to see you here bud. Sold the 335 to a fellow member here so take care of him :-)
Cheers Tiko, will do mate!

Originally Posted by romanbmws View Post
Pm'd Chris but didn't get reply .
We have been off due to Xmas / New year, getting to PM's now

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If this seller is a sponsor why is the thread not a sticky? Other sponsors got this in the past.
Hi Davy,

A Sticky thread is optional, I will have one up in the next few days.