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Originally Posted by bmwforme View Post
Everyone is talking about not being stupid and hurting others when he clearly said he was alone on the road.. and its not like this doesn't happen in Germany daily... but hey, it was a pretty reckless thing.
Again, how do you KNOW you are alone on the road? Was it a closed road with controlled access?

Even though the likelyhood of someone else being on the road is low it is still possible. The consequences of this risk being realized is enormous. It is like playing Russian Roulette, you will get the bullet eventually.

And as far as it happening all the time in Germany, that may be true. It is also true that the people who drive in Germany are used to this type of driving and are subject to the much stricter rules of driving there.

Just try to keep the 9 year old's brains across your windshield in mind when you decide to be foolish and reckless.