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Tried but getting error....

I've added $6NN, $6FL, $663 to my VO (BTW, are 6NN and 6FL case sensitive or not?), on CAS edu (should I had it also to FRM and NFRM?). My car has already a #0311 production date. I don't have HiFi. As far as I remember, the radio is from 05/11, bought from carsequipment.

After adding the above, I've check the available module, and now I have 2RAD instead of the previous 1RAD, though I was expecting a 2URAD.
I've tried to read the 2RAD module, but I got an error (same as 4EST above, although if I understand correctly 4EST got the error by doing an SG-Codieren job):
COAPI-2020: no answer from ECU
IFH-0009: no response from controllunit

Should I proceed anyway with a SG-Reset job on the 2RAD (right after I get the error by reading the ECU), or should I do a SG-Codieren first?

Any advice is much appreciated, thanks!