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Originally Posted by Mr Singh View Post
I have a 240GB Corsair SSD, plus 16GB of ram disk. The Ram disk is worth considering if you have space for more ram on your MB
If by ram disk you mean pagefiling onto HDD space then you will still see a performance drop. The latency and speed ram operates at is still far quicker than any SSD could hope to achieve, especially one connected to SATA ports.

Originally Posted by Dave_3 View Post
Some come with a kit including Norton Ghost, and an adapter cable so you can connect the ssd externally to a usb port. So all you would need is the cable and cloning software.

The kits I was looking at had these in a bundle - but doesn't look like they are still available - so will have to locate a cable myself. Though I have a few sata to usb cables I can try first.

One other thing that may be included is a small adapter plate as some drives are thinner than the standard 2.5".

I can't remember the exact numbers but I think even if you have a modern PC with USB3 you will still be losing out on speed by connecting an SSD to USB. Even if the advertised figures look good the actual throughput that most USB interfaces provide is a lot lower.

Another thing that most PC modders forget is that to gain the best performance from the SSD you need to enable AHCI in the motherboard before installing windows. If you fail to do so then Windows will install with trim disabled and you aren't going to get the full performance boost an SSD can offer. There is ways of changing retrospectively but they are messy.