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Originally Posted by Dark_Knight_335 View Post
Put yourself in the position of vendors. Would you post your price for all your competition to see?
Umm, its common practice everywhere to post your price. Do you go into Best Buy and be taken into the back room to be told the price of a TV?

Anyone who doesn't have a posted price gets looked over by me because it seems shady as shit to me. If its offer only you bet your ass I'm low-balling. Im not in some back-alley foreign market here.

I STATE that 99% of those who post "PM for price" are looking to rip someone off. They are hoping to catch someone unknowing and fleece them. If they posted a bent wheel for $2000 they are concerned that someone would post "Are you high?" and ruin their changes of ripping off some poor, ignorant sod. Same thing goes for those who post without pictures or information, they are hiding something they don't want you to know.

For any threads you go into that don't show a price you should just post "sold!" and see how long it takes for the seller to figure out why their inbox is empty.