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Originally Posted by james008 View Post
What else are you looking for. You only posted two things you wanted to trade for and no price for an outright sale? so...
There is only one pic of 3 wheels, and no specs. I picked up a set of new wheels from tirerack for $400, so $50 a wheel for no name no spec wheels with no finish listed or known condition actually seems fair.
Well for starters i said a good set of downpipes, assuming you get what you pay and the reviews are right RACELAND DPS are not good down pipes.
I dont have a set price because id like to trade but do you really think id sell 3 tires and 4 wheels for $150?????

Yes there is a picture of only 3 wheels but common sense would tell you if i mention in the add 3 good tires+1 with camber wear then that would=4 wheels. I figured 1 pic of the wheels, 1 of the bad tire and 1 of what the rest of the tires look like would suffice and if someone needed anymore they would ask for them.

No specs and no known condition?
they are in good shape no cracks or bends and no visible curb rash.

They are 19x10 on the rear and 19x8 on the front
i think i did a reasonable job at describing them and what specs are missing? offsets? and the finish is plastidip

and congratulations of your new set of $400 wheels im sure there are tons online, but you didnt offer me $400..or $ offered downpipes with a value of $150 in used condition..tops.

But hey find me a set of lm reps with at least 3 decent tires for $150 with no cracks, bends and a load of curb rash and they are yours for that much.

So lets recap, A new set runs $699+ without tires correct? and you are offering a trade value of $200..

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