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Originally Posted by plotino View Post
I've added $6NN, $6FL, $663 to my VO (BTW, are 6NN and 6FL case sensitive or not?), on CAS edu (should I had it also to FRM and NFRM?). My car has already a #0311 production date. I don't have HiFi. As far as I remember, the radio is from 05/11, bought from carsequipment.

After adding the above, I've check the available module, and now I have 2RAD instead of the previous 1RAD, though I was expecting a 2URAD.
I've tried to read the 2RAD module, but I got an error (same as 4EST above, although if I understand correctly 4EST got the error by doing an SG-Codieren job):
COAPI-2020: no answer from ECU
IFH-0009: no response from controllunit

Should I proceed anyway with a SG-Reset job on the 2RAD (right after I get the error by reading the ECU), or should I do a SG-Codieren first?

Any advice is much appreciated, thanks!
Hi Plotino,

You have to trick your Production Date. The ECU to work with is NOT 2RAD. It is 2URAD (I dont remember the exact name)

Try deleting #0705 and insert #0511. New ECU will appear

Don't worry about case sensitive, VO codes are not case sensitive.

Then reset the ecu.

If you want newest dongs, you need to change a value at the Kombi ECU. It is HU_VERBAUT and you need to put radiostuffe_3_4

It has been discussed at the thread.

Kind regards and happy new year!
Why don't do it by your self?
Retrofitting is always possible!