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Originally Posted by bigdaddycane View Post
1. no one knows you-Not accurate. Raja knows me and can vouch for me.
2. you're going to put mileage on their tires. I was using the assumption that someone would lend me their winter setup or wheels/tires that are spares and have been trashed anyways making it a nonissue.
3. you didn't detail the compensation (beer, Chipotle, etc.)-This depends entirely on how long I borrow them for and what the person likes, I'm a reasonable and fair guy so this won't be a problem. Again, see 1.
4. sh*t happens (accident, curb, etc)-True, that's why I made sure to mention garage queen in the OP and 2. also covers this.

just some asked.

hopefully there is a trusting soul that doesn't really care about his second set of wheels.
True, I did ask. Looking more for someone to step up and help out, but I'll bite and address your comments anyways. See above.