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You will have to ask him (mob17)

It looks like he has done several installs in the last 6 months and should know
the ropes of getting the stuff you need . He installs some pretty good stuff and knows the other people in the London area that are DIY ing . The minimum system that will get you up to the area of the old E46 I think would be a JL xd600/6 replacement of your under seats and front doors. With a recode you could avoid having to use a
cleansweep I think . The year of your Head Unit and car may determine if you can recode it or not is what I get. I don't have a clear idea of what the details are.
I had the Hi Fi and did have the old E46 HK top of line and like you said it was pretty big downgrade going even to the Hi Fi.
You will have to ask Technic where he ships to it seems like he does to Europe.
If you do a search for Mob17 there are about 3
pages he probably asked a lot of the same questions you have . I would read the ones that he originated and you can get an idea of what you want to do.
Oh I think he is in Northampton which is near you.

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