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Originally Posted by AndyR83 View Post
I've been contemplating doing a full wrap on my E92. Right now I have my roof and window trim wrapped, but that's a far cry from doing the whole car.

Obviously, a full vehicle wrap will cost a few bucks. I don't really mind that, but it does bring to mind a few questions. I'd really like to hear directly from folks that have gone this route before so I can understand their experiences. I've read a few things online, but I'd feel much more confident in this decision if I heard from a few real people that have done it.

First, how do you wash the car? Just like normal? Use regular car wash soap and all? Can you use pressure washers? I would think not. Is it a pain to keep clean and looking good?

How well does the front bumper hold up? The front bumper on my car is, sadly, a bit chipped up from being driven for 50k miles. Is the vinyl going to hold up or will it be all torn and tattered/crappy looking from normal driving in a short length of time? I'm very paranoid about this one... would hate to spend the money only to have the front all torn up in a month.

What does the paint underneath look like when the vinyl wrap is removed? Am I in for a nasty surprise if I go to trade the car in some day and take the wrap off, only to find the paint is destroyed under there?

Finally, are there any other factors I'm not considering? Anything that makes owning/taking proper care of a vinyl wrapped car different than a painted one?
the paint will look just how it was when you put it on, it holds up good always ran vynal graphis on my mx bikes. call my buddy jace wade at he does tons of full car wraps and hes super expierenced, and pretty local for us andy hes right by philly but located in nj
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