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Injectors on the way out? is it safe to get tuned still?

So I started to feel a slight hesitation when I would floor it in 3rd gear around 4thousand rpms. I figured it had to be spark plugs because they have around 20k on them. At first I canceled out the idea of it being injector related, because all 6 were replaced last year around this same time. I also had the cylinders walnut blasted at the same time. So to me the only reason for this hesitation had to be the spark plugs.

So I today I replaced the spark plugs and the car felt better. Than slowly as the day went on I noticed it slightly happening again. So I logged the car on the way home, everything looks perfect the timing, AFR, boost all looked spot on. Then I took a look at my STFT and they were going all the way up to 30-34% by midrange and then brought down to negatives by the meth. On my old logs from about 2-3 months ago my STFT's wouldnt go above 12-15% then would come down by because of the meth. So I believe its injector related, and I'm scheduled for a tune tomorrow. So the question is, is it still safe to get tuned? I would post the logs but I use Virtual Dyno to veiw them and they are impossible to read with a screen shot. If someone would like to take a look at the logs I will send you the file if you PM me your email.

thank you and sorry for the long rant.
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