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Originally Posted by james008 View Post
Correct no offset specs, no finish, weight, or are they 1 peice 2 peice 3 peice wheels? No visible curb rash doesn't mean there isn't curb rash under the plastidip. And offering up Dp's (which you asked for) is not low balling it's a starting point. you should have countered with DP's + cash of some sort of number. Give us buyers an idea of what you are looking for or at least a general price. The $400 wheels I got from tirerack are Breytons, a pretty reputable brand and I know the weight, offset and everything.

I asked questions to try and find what these wheels might be worth, I was willing to put cash on top but didn't know where to even start or if you were even interested in my DP's your not so no big deal GLWS.
I see your point, unfortunately i dont know much about these wheels. I got them, tried them on and garaged them shortly after i can weight them with tires and what not but i doubt anyone will wanna go way into dept for a cheaper set of wheels.

Honestly the reason i didnt put a price of them is because i got them locally for real cheap so i dont really want to take more money then i paid for. I would rather trade them for something of similar value, but realistically i wouldnt ask more then $500 for these. I apologize i didnt mean to come across as an ass but with so many people around the site going on peoples threads just to post negative shit it sometimes makes me jumpy.

thank you for the offer and happy new year!