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Originally Posted by marcus321 View Post
You are not familiar with USAA then. They have 3 catagories of cars for warranty. They dont price warranty based on the car itself. They have your basic cars, nissan, honda, mazda, etc. This is a set price regardless of the car minus the exceptions.

Then you have your luxury cars, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, Cadillac, etc. This is set price regardless of the car minus the exceptions.

Then you have the exception list where they specify the model of the car and they wont offer warranty for it. Example of one is the GT-R or an m3.

That is how they do there warranty, nothing more, nothing less.
I know what the person you're responding to is saying....Honda is $799, for something that costs $2800 on a 335i. Is the 335i 3X as problematic? Doubtful. Since I've had my extended warranty, I HAVE HAD ZERO ISSUES. I now have about 11 mos. of the extended warranty left.

imho it's the stories on this forum like, "Gosh, I just got new turbos, water pump, and everything else that would have totaled $10k! So glad I had an extended warranty!" These sway the rest of us into buying protection, seeing that humans are risk averse. You don't often see people posting, "Dang! Spent several thousand on an extended warranty, never claimed a single thing!" People are embarrassed to admit they made a bad financial decision.

I will put this out there--I got a $499 protection package, and had two dings fixed, and one rock chip. That works out to $166.33 per incident, which is more than it would have cost to pay out-of-pocket. I paid $390 for a 5 yr. tire protection plan, and never got a flat. Now my extended warranty from BMW is 2/3 consumed, and I have never had a single claim.

hey, this is my first BMW, so I'm willing to admit that I wasted a lot of money on this "insurance" BS.