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Originally Posted by rogerxp View Post
Thought you guys might have some experience with these so could help with the pro's and con's.

My Daughter got a bigger bike for Christmas and my little boy got a chunky trike thing which both basically fill the QQ+2 boot. Thinking ahead of myself, this years UK holiday is going to be tricky with the boot already full even before my wife shoves all her shite in .

Think a bike carrier will be needed before summer so just doing a little research in advance.

Options are -:

OEM Rear Bike Carrier - 230 (obviously doesn't include the price of a towbar)

Thule Rear Bike Carrier - 215 (no need for a towbar)

OEM Roof Mounted Bike Carrier - 90

Obviously cheaper versions of all are available but would likely go for the higher quality brands. At this stage it'll just be my Daughters bike on the rack but will probably end up getting a bike myself too (and ultimately carry more bikes once little man gets older).

Any thoughts?? Does the roof mounted fuck up the mpg/noise significantly. Are the roof mounted ones difficult to use (i.e. lifting bikes up/down). Does the non-towbar rear mounted ones damage the paintwork or affect access to the boot. Any comments welcomed.
I use a towbar mounted one, but I have a towbar for the caravan, otherwise it would be prohibitively expensive.

I wouldn't use a car mounted one on principle in case it damaged the paint over a distance at speed.

I would suggest a roof mounted one - again I have an advantage having a Touring! I used a roof rack on my 5 series saloon with no issues, although I did put some thin chamois on the paint before clamping the bar down. Some bars can HOWL (even costly ones) if they aren't mounted right - they have a slot at the bottom, and at the right (or wrong!) angle that acts as a whistle that is painfully loud at anything over 30mph. This happened to me at the start of a French trip. All OK on the test run, but with the car loaded, the angle of attack was just in the painful spot. 10 minutes with duct tape closed the gap and it was quiet for the rest of the trip.
You will notice some fuel consumption penalty. Oddly, the worst effect with a rear mount carrier was from the lighting board. I mounted it secured to the handlebars and seat of a mountain bike. This put it just above boot height of the 5er, and the wind resistance was immediately noticeable, even at sensible speeds. I relocated to resting the light board on the pedals and all was fine.