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Originally Posted by Mr.335 View Post
Doesn't matter which insurance carrier.
actually, the carrier does matter.

On a simple level of explanation for how car insurance is rated:

- location where vehicle is parked
- driver age (aka "years of driving experience" - a 21yr old who just got their license will most likely be rated same as a 16yr old who just got their license, despite being 5yrs older than the teenager)
- mileage driven annually
- driving record history
- number of vehicles on policy (mainly for multi-vehicle discount)
- other associated policies (mainly for multi-policy discount)
- policy coverage limits (if these have changed by you)
- vehicle symbol/code (why this matters - a used $10k 7-series will still cost more than a used $10k civic to insure)
- the insurance carrier (most insurance carriers have their own rating system based on their data. that's why a Mercury policy will almost never be the exact same cost as a Progressive policy even if all the information is identical)

any one of these factors can make the rate go up or down... sometimes by a few cents and sometimes by several dollars. Based on your post, you already say that the new vehicle discount was removed and there was a change in medical coverage/rating. These two alone are enough to make your premium go up. The "testing" they talk about probably affected whatever vehicle code they use for the e9x 335, making the premium go up again (or down, but not enough to offset the increase from the previous two factors).

make sense?
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