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Well sorry i opened this can of worms!

For the record, i have a fixed income. Was just looking for a few opinions and boy did i get them! As i previously stated i am going to buy used, just maybe not a pos used honda for 5000.
I am in position where i will have to attain some debt in order to get a vehicle. I have no equity in the one i have and need to sell it to get a more fuel efficient and less used vehicle so that it will last me a long time. Current vehicle has over 190k. I know debt is the devil, but when you need a ride you need a ride, and as stated sometimes luxuries are worth a cost, which is why i am willing to finance a nicer car. NOT a 50k car at this point, maybe one day.

E46 m3 is a sweet car, just has a pretty hefty maintenance and repair cost.
Ill post up when my poor decision is made.