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Rennart CBE (couple version modified for the sedan)
Review: 4/5
Price: $550 shipped-2.5 hours
Install: 3/10 using ramps and basic hand tools. Only concern is how heavy the stock system is, strongly recommend that you get a second pair of hands. To modify the exhaust to fit the sedan start by cutting off 1in on the mufflers (out let) and another 1in from the rear section of the CBE connecting to the mid pipes. I could have left the system un-welded, but I brought it a local shop to weld the tips on for me.

Upon opening the box I noticed the brilliant finish on the stainless steel. After handling the major pieces I immediately realized how light the stainless steel was. The whole system is quite a bit lighter that the OEM. I didn't weigh the system, I'm sure it is some where near 30 lbs. Of key note I couldn't find any instructions, one would think if they were buying a $1400 CBE the company would supply instructions. I did manage to find the couplers (clamps) and exhaust tips (Vibrant). It was a nice change to receive quality parts with the kit, and not receive some no name back country parts. Even if the parts are from interior China having the brand name some how makes me feel better.

MR. 5 Style Intake:
Review: No hard data yet, unable to provide review
Install:3/10-5hrs using hand tool and ramps. Creating the Mr.5 style intake is easy as DIYs are all over the board. The install is tedious as you have to remove the plastic sheet under the motor, remove the intake box, and most the cowl plastic. For some odd reason the front most plastic tubing wouldn't seat onto the intake assembly. It took me and my wifre several attempts to final get the the intake tubing on.


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