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Originally Posted by snoozee View Post
since you have the MULF2 Hi and phone prep, you only need to buy the bluetooth antenna and the mic to be placed in the FZD. do a search for the part numbers for the hardware.

before/after you've installed the hardware, you'll need to get the car coded with the additional of VO 664/644. search for one of my other postings on how to do the coding.

if you've successfully coded the car, you should be able to see the phone menu on the radio as well as having a weak bluetooth signal being broadcast. you can put your phone near the MULF to verify that the signal is being cast out.

all the information you required are in this thread and a few others. read through all the information and you should have a better idea of what is needed.
do you think there is any chance a microphone is already in there?