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Originally Posted by snoozee View Post
1. This can do BT right? - yes
2. If so, do I till need to install the BT antenna and mic? - yes
3. There were extra uninstalled cables next to the MULF2. Do I need to plug those into something? - if it's for the BT antenna, yes.
Do I need to reconfigure the MOST junctions? - usually no.
4. Why do I have the BT unit but no BT enabled? - because BMW decided to leave out 50 bucks worth of hardware when they sold you the car so you can pay a few hundred bucks to get them to do the retrofit.
Thanks for the assistance. I did some searches around here for MULF2 retrofit and really only got bits and pieces without anything meaningful. I must not be doing the right search terms.

Do any of you have a DIY you recommend? I saw the one at the top of this forum, but clearly it is out of date. The first page says you need FZD and that ULF is not successful.

I appreciate it.