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Active Autowerke Stage 2 Tune :)

Today I just got my N51 running the AA Stage 2 tune. And let me start off by saying wow.... just wow You can tell right off the bat that the guys at active put some serious effort into making this tune squeeze as much power out of the NA's as they could.

So the performance additions I had before the tune was the PE, PI, and cyba scoops (if you would even consider it to be lol) -- really good sounds with those 2 things together

After dumping around 2K into the car just for those simple performance mods I thought I would buck up and go a little further for the tune. And man was it worth it. On the half hour drive home I was grinning the whole time. Right off the start you feel like the car is alive and ready to eat the road up. The car really pulls harder and I feel like Im stretching the across the rpm's. and by that I mean each gear pulls just as hard. Beofre the tune I felt like the most fun I could have was putting it into M1 and flooring it cause after that when you hit M2 the pull wasnt nearly the same. But now its the exact opposite.
I was SHOCKED when I was at the light and floor it for the first time. I was blown away. Maybe it was because I wasnt expecting it but off the bat I was pushed into my seat and I held tight. Perfect smooth pulls through all the gears and for some reason when it hits 3rd I feel like it pushes harder? maybe someone with the tune can jump in and say something? I am very very happy. Every gear goes to redline which I never noticed before.

When I reached the freeway I started testing 60 - 90mph runs. Before the tune my car would just drop a gear and rev loud and just tug a little more. But now I noticed it drops 2 sometimes 3 gears and I feel like it reaches up the redline every time which like I said before I have notice before. Very pleased. really feels like the tune was more than just 15hp

So long story short this is the best 430 bucks I have ever spent on my car, and I recommend it to everyone. And I was informed that the tune will adjust to how I drive so each day it should get a little peppy-er(?) for the first couple days

Anyways, I would like to thank the guys down at Oceanside Motorsports for putting this on my car. Special thanks to Neal with being a huge help with all my annoying questions And anyone in SoCal I would recommend getting the tune for them if you are considering it. They were done with the car in about 5 hours and it only costed me 430 bucks which I think is an INCREDIBLE price for the power coming from this tune.

My next plans for the car are to try and get ahold of LTBMW for a visual update buttttt Im not sure how to get ahold of them or anything, I havent quite firgured that out so it someone could chime in and give me some information about them Id appreciate it