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Originally Posted by gangzoom View Post
For the first time ever I went out and bought some winter tyres (Falkens) for my car this winter...the tyres went on the car half way through December when temp looked like they were starting to drop, having now done a few hundred miles in them I have to say I'm not getting on at all well with them.

The car feels nervous at M speeds, and the grip (or lack off) is starting to annoy me now, the TC light comes on at the slightest poke of the throttle (reminds of me what the car was like before I had a LSD fitted). Add on the fact for the last week temp around where I live have not dropped below 5 I'm considering putting my recently acquired summer wheels on....but than I'm worried its going to start snowing as soon as I take them off .

I'm I just expecting too much of the tyres?? I was running Michelin PilotSports run flats previously but they were pretty much worn to the legal limit, I thought a brand new mid range winter tyre with plenty of tread would be at least as good as a top brand worn summer tyre on cold damp roads, but it appears not.

For those who run winter tyres regularly, when do you switch back to summer tyres??

If you've only done a few hundred miles on the tyres they won't have scrubbed in properly,I always found Falkens (452's) needed at least 1k on them before they found any grip,so perhaps the winter tyres are the same

You could also play around with the tyre pressures,what are you running at the moment?
If you're running the same pressures as on the door card (runflats),they'll be too hard,and won't offer too much in the way of grip,even more so with such low miles on them.

It might be mild at the moment (it's tropical down here ),but it could always turn,I'd hate to see those lovely wheels mullered

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