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Originally Posted by isntworkdull View Post
Hi all,

foxy... I'm no expert, so no idea how to quantify how loud the squeak is, lets just say when i brake i now feel like i driving an old banger... lol

With regards what they did for 90, they took it for a spin, and told me no fault found... To be fare i knew the price of that before i paid it... and i knew it was just for "looking" at it...

However what confuses me is no fault has been found, yet they have told me they can fix it by replacing the pads & sensors... which i will have to pay for as it is not covered by the warranty... But isnt that a bit of a contradiction, theres no fault, but they know how to fix it?? lol

nicktyler... I may consider that if i can not get this fixed under the warranty, as obviously i'd rather pay nothing...

I have currently asked them to put it in writing formally, as i am confused how they can tell me there is a known "reason" for the squeak, but it is not a fault and therefore not covered by warranty... so will wait to see what they put together in writing and then consider the next step...
Pads and discs are wearing items very much doubt they will replace for free as they are clearly working and not faulty...they just squeak sometimes in certain conditions.

Previous owner may of used cheap pads as previously stated or pads/discs may of glazed over or been contaminated...or anti squeal pads may of fell out or just really old. Either way, new pads/sensor and possibly discs will make the squeak go away if fitted correctly.

If all they did was drive around the block for 90 just to tell you the brakes work fine that's a bit of a rip. I would of expected them to at least take the wheels off and inspected the pads to see if everything is ok.