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Hi all,

I've added $6NN, $6FL, $663 to my VO, already had #0311.
Selected 2RAD, and performed a sg_codieren (with empty .MAN file), and then sg_reset.

sg_codieren returned the usual error, but sg_reset completed w/o error.
I've noticed some changes:
1. lost voice commands completely....
Any idea on how to get them back? Am I missing something in my VO? Or what?
2. I have a vent icon in the radio menu, never seen this...
3. USB and BT seems to work as before, though I haven't tested calling someone yet.

Here is my complete VO:

E91_#0311&EBAT%0300*UY51$1CA$1CB$1CC$1CD$230$240$2 49$2K9$2PA$320$321$441$4CG$520$534$548$663$698$6FL $6NN$845$855$884$8S3$8TL$8TM-A090

Any idea on how to get back the voice commands? One of the reason to code the car was actually to get voice commands in italian...