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Originally Posted by Bobbybmw22 View Post
who agrees with me on this that the members on this post make me laugh..why do u own a bmw let alone a n54 engine to not DRIVE the car like a BMW...Its called the ultimate driving machine for a reason...Soo speed and enjoy the 50 or 60k cars u bought...of course be safe and not wreckless about it..but it blows my mind when members go your immature or young when you do that

They say your immature or young because only immature idiots believe it is save to drive at these speeds on public roads. It takes 1 deer or one other car to come onto the road for this to turn into a tragic story.

If you want to test the power of your ultimate driving machine you can take it to a track. You drive a 60K car so you can afford to pay for track time -_-

You say be safe and not reckless. If you are driving at these speeds on a public road you are being reckless and very unsafe.