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funny sh** right there .

my issue with tiago /vrsf my pipes fit poorly had rattle issues been documented on another forum .but i must say when i contacted him he had no problem with sending me a new set and /or refunding my to everyone who wants a a cheap set of pipes go for it there has been plenty of people who had good luck with them .i felt that his cust service was good enough that i just contacted him for another purchace just days ago .i have no issues with doing business with him agian possitive he will take care of you ! oh im also a business owner dont think everyone on this forum would have beat you up so bad had it been worded alittle diferently .everyone wants feedback on the products good or bad ..
Yeah your right wording is everything, but all the intentions were is to let people know and so forth but sometimes when you try to be good and give feedback it backfires because people think Im here to bash the downpipes on their car or their very very nice vendor/Tiago AKA best friend. Guys don't try to justify yourselves on my last statement its just the vibe Im getting at this point. Its okay though if no one on this forum appreciates the feedback maybe somebody else in the future will. And yes I have PM'ed him.