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Originally Posted by skinrock View Post
You're not trying to bash or blast them, but you're telling people not to buy their products.

And where is this "chasing the manufacturer" coming from, you didn't even try to contact them. That's not chasing them down. If you contacted them and they refused to talk to you, then it's a case of having to chase them down. How could they have possibly known you had an issue if you didn't even make them aware of it?

As for the wait time, they stated you were made aware of the back-order status.

It sucks when you run into an issue, but surely as an owner of "8 stores" you should know that customers aren't always 100% satisfied, and I'm guessing you would be upset if they just went and told all their friends not to shop there without talking to you first.
^^^ Well-stated skinrock. This dude needs to chill out. You're not only giving "feedback".. you're telling us to NOT buy something. If that were the case.. then just create a Review thread stating that the welds are subpar in your opinion.

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