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Originally Posted by macck View Post
Would recommend the Denison 500 works perfect . I have purchased the bluetooth adapter just have to get the car coded for bluetooth now. Also ordered the dab radio add-on for it. The spending never spots lol.
Hey Macck,
So you bought the Dension 500 + BTA 1500 right? Do you have a CD changer? If not, youíll need your Car codedÖ Iím guess you already knew this.. but wondered what price youíve been quoted if youíre planning on getting the car coded to fool it into thinking it is equipped with the CD changer.

I have iDrive CCC (2006 reg) Professional Nav with the 8.8Ē screen and double CD slot in the front.. one for CD and one for Nav CD.. Iíll need to get mine coded IF I decide to buy the whole shíbang.

Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
I am not sure about that either. You can send them e-mail and check with them.

While you are sorting out your audio stuff, it is worth of changing your aux-in plug + cable to HU. So you can have sound in all speakers.

Once it is there and if you do not like the quality, then go for Dension / ipod retrofit kit. The reason I said that, as with MS-8 you may not get noise issues.
Good idea mate, Iíll drop them an email and check, better yet Iíll give em a call later today. My audio will be done this time next week DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
I donít have the MS-8 Sound file CD and canít seem to locate that on their website, any pointers dude?

Re: your suggestion, I donít understand what you mean. Are you saying to basically replace the Aux-In under the armrest with another Aux-In? If not, can you please elaborate and also tell me what cable youíre referring to? Is this a fairly simple job or will it turn out expensive? Iím trying to keep costs down as install is already going to cost a shed load.

Thanks bud..
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