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I was perfectly happy driving at 110 all the way to and fro Sheffield last week: Motorway speeds weren't the issue. The steering feels lighter thna usual but this is just due to the lighter alloys in my opnion, much lower unsprung weight. Wouldn't be true if you'd bought 19 winters of course but mine are little 17s.

However the lack of traction is marked. This is down to the conditions. It's FAR too warm for these tyres unfortunately at the moment, simply put there's been no justification for winters so far this season at all.

The last 3 years when we've had proper cold snaps (although not as extreme last year), it's been a totally different expreience.

At 3 degrees and below they work wonders. And if there's any ice on the road the car plain won't work on summers, and will at the very least drive as it is for you guys right now on the winters, remember that.

But - yeah.

Hoever I'm not sure about the first 5 gears as Phil said above? In mine I notice 4 things:

1. Understeer like a bastard on roundabouts at any kind of speed. Best way to avoid this being introduce some power to induce oversteer
2. Passengers don't like point 1
3. Quite easy to introduce very nice progressive drifts out of corners
4. I love point 3!

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