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Originally Posted by DallasBoosted View Post
Other than heat related to your A/T, what type of issues have you had? I've had the usual misfires due to plugs/coils and weird tune issues. It "seems" to be pretty well sorted right now but it does always seem to be some little nagging issue.

I created a few maps in ATR with misfire detection disabled so that I can get through a track day at 14psi if need be, created some E30 14-15psi maps based on the E30 race maps that Cobb provided (also with misfire detection disabled) so that I have some buttons to push if I needed to get through a track day. Also got a few spare coils, a fresh set of plugs, a spare vanos solenoid, and the usual extra oil/water/brake fluid.

This isn't out of the ordinary for tracked cars; I needed spares for my C5 Z06 also. I actually blew a motor in that car at the track due to oil starvation (spun a bearing @ just less than 30psi oil pressure in a long left. )

The E36 M3 is a great vehicle I'm just wanting info on the 335i issues, and clarifying points made.
My 335I track issues? Where do I begin? Started out stock, w/o oil cooler, retrofitted the oem oil cooler, and ar design stage 1 oil cooler. Still had oil temp issues, until I installed an aftermarket intercooler/downpipe. Now water temps are an issue since I have a 6AT W/FBO, and 18lbs flash tune. I get through track days by hosing down the front radiator between sessions. Temps aside though, I've thrown an amazing number of stupid codes, that crap up an expensive track day. Vanos intake/exhaust solenoid, over boost/underboost, I mean you name it. I don't mess with ethanol, so I can't comment on that stuff, but it did kill my LPFP, which I have replaced.

Every track day, you always are afraid that it will throw some stupid little code, and not perform the whole day. The one bright spot seems to be oil pressure, or engine lubrication issues, as this car seems immune to those issues, even with long term track use. credit the low rpm redline, for this. Luckly, with regular maintenance, my oem engine, trans, and turbos have been flawless, and are 100% functional after a ton of track abuse, and over 100K miles.
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